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Your DCFF BOD has worked tirelessly (Ralph Swallows, Roy Been, George Tipker and others) so that you can show off your DCFF membership and pride by displaying our logo on your apparel and gear.

1). DIY:


A). Derby City Embroidery, LLC – Rhonda Sommers

The DCFF logo PLUS your garments. DCFF has made arrangements with this vendor to have our club logo available for our members. You can take any number of garments to DCE at the address listed here. It is your responsibility to deliver and pick up your garments and cover the cost. DCFF takes no responsibility for delivery, pickup or cost.

310 Breckenridge StreetLouisville KY 40203

Phone: 502.394.9922

Fax: 502.266.7525

E-mail: Rhonda@derbycityembroidery.com

1-5 Items                   $ 5.75                         Add $ .45 per thousand stiches

6-17 Items                 $ 4.00                         Add $ .40 per thousand stiches

18-35 Items               $ 2.75                         Add $ .35 per thousand stiches

36-71 Items               $ 2.50                         Add $ .30 per thousand stiches

72-143 Items            $ 2.00                         Add $ .25 per thousand stiches

144-300 Items         $ 1.75                         Add $ .20 per thousand stiches

301+ Items               Call for quote


B). Casual Threads LLC – Diana Venema

E-mail:  casualthreads@gmail.com


Find Us/Like Us on Facebook under Casual Threads LLC

Please click on the link below.


I chose garments we had at last years DCFF show and added a few others.  If there is something specific you’d like to see or other color options, let me know.  My website is a work in process so I can make changes any time.

Let me know if you have any questions; all feedback is welcome.

Kind regards,
Diana Venema


2). Merchandise with the DCFF logo:


DCFF also has cool logo’d gear (fly boxes, hats, stickers and much much more) from both New Phase and Wolff Industries//Anvil USA.

Come see our in-stock selection at our next club meeting !

DCFF logo’d 01
DCFF logo’d 02
DCFF logo’d 03
DCFF logo’d 04
DCFF logo’d 05
DCFF logo’d 06
DCFF logo’d 07
DCFF logo’d 08
DCFF logo’d 09
DCFF logo’d 10