Otter Creek

Entrance to Otter Creek Wildlife Recreation Area

Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area is operated by the Kentucky Division of Fish and Wildlife Resources.  For fishing there is a $3 per day fee;  you can also purchase a $30 annual pass that runs to June of the next year.  For more information about Otter Creek, visit the website.  It is possible to fish Otter Creek on the Fort Knox Military Reservation if you obtain a permit.

The Recreation Area is open Wednesday through Sunday, sunrise until sunset.  If you are leaving late and the gate is closed, approach slowly and the automatic gate will open.  The area is closed during quota dear hunts in the fall, so checking the website is a good idea.  You can also call the fishing and trails hotline at 502-942-9171.  Unfortunately, there is no on line gauge for Otter Creek.

In the summer, Otter Creek has a nice population of typical Kentucky warm water stream fish including Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass, and various sunfish. There is a slot limit on Smallmouth to help develop the fishery. In the winter, the Kentucky Division of Wildlife Resources stocks rainbow trout at four locations along the stream to spread out the fish.   Otter Creek is a delayed harvest stream with catch and release in effect from stocking in October until spring.

In addition to the State stockings, Derby City Fly Fishers and others have funded the stocking of “trouphy trout” in the 14 – 20 inch size range, compared to 8 – 10 inches for typical hatchery trout.  The State also stocks trout, including browns, on the Fort Knox portion of the stream.

Otter Creek Rainbow 3-6-14

Otter Creek is a great place to fish and enjoy the day.  The hotline will tell you what conditions to expect on your arrival.  The best way to fish the creek is by wading, but there are some opportunities to fish from the bank.  2 to 6 weight rods work well and typical nymph worm, and egg patterns will take fish.  Gig flies fished under an indicator work best in the Winter.  When the water temperatures warm in the Spring, actively fishing Wooly Buggers, Leaches and other small streamers can be very effective.

Otter Creek below Garnettsville in Winter

Otter Creek below Garnettsville in Winter