Education and Instruction

Derby City Fly Fishers was established with the mission of providing ongoing education to the general public regarding all aspects of the sport of fly fishing.  To that end, virtually all of our educational actives are free and open to the public with no continuing cost or ongoing obligation.  With that in mind we offer the following opportunities:


OK, the Board Meetings are pretty bureaucratic and administrative, but somebody has to run the show.  Short of that, club meetings are intended to be fun and educational.  “Eat and Talk Shop” is intended to be just that, have a simple inexpensive meal and talk about what is happening “now” with fishing and DCFF.  Our regular indoor club meetings have a “tackle time” segment of interest as well as a more formal and local fishing presentation.  Outdoor meetings combine a BBQ dinner with camaraderie and casting and/or fishing instruction.


We tie two flies in two locations from January through October.  The instructor supplies all the materials necessary for the flies and the students get to keep them for their use.  Students use DCFF vices and tools for this instruction.  The pace of tying is controlled so that the slowest student in the class is kept on the current tying step.  We usually have two or three helpers available for one-on-one instruction.


The club owns 20 fly rods and reels for instructional use, so you do not need to have anything to learn to cast!  Fly casting instruction is available at all outdoor meetings.  Don’t be shy, however, if all members are swapping stories and nobody has a fly rod in hand when you want to cast.  Please let your wants be known!

In addition to casting at the outdoor meetings, we usually offer 2 or 3 “Instructional Outings” at Otter Creek Recreational Area.  These outings are geared to the needs of the individual  student.  We offer beginning and advanced casting instruction.  There is “on the water” fishing instruction if the creek is fishable.  We can also discuss and offer advise on rods, reels, lines, gear and tools.


Depending on club interest, we offer rod building instruction over 4 evenings in a 4 to 6 week period during the winter.  This class does require the student to purchase from DCFF the parts and pieces to make the fly rod.  We usually spec out a lighter rod (5 weight) and and a heavier rod (8 weight) to build; the student gets to select which rod to build and the club buys the components in bulk.  Rod wrapping cradles can be rented from the club to keep your out of pocket costs at a minimum.  Just a work of warning, rod building can be as addictive as eating peanuts!  You may not be able to stop at one.


DCFF can and does supply volunteers to organized groups including scouts as fly fishing instructors.  If you have a group that would like fly fishing instruction or even a demonstration, please let  our education director know.  Keep in mind that we are volunteer limited and it helps to get your requests in as early as practical.