Trip Information and Suitability

DCFF Organized Trips

Each year Derby City Fly Fishers organizes trips for the membership to provide an enjoyable fishing experience for all experience levels. We have trips planned for North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, Minnesota as well as local trips right here in Kentucky.

These trips are planned not only to enhance your fly fishing experience but to promote camaraderie among the members. It is important that the waters you fish match the level of proficiency you have obtained. Please review the description carefully to make sure that you are comfortable with the trip you are anticipating.

Level 1 Trip is slated for beginners to fly fishing. There will be members on the trip that are dedicated to helping with fishing skills and working with them on reading the river and directing them in the proper way to fish the water. (Team Leader responsible for recruiting helpers.)
Level 2 Trip requires that fly fishers have a some experience at fly fishing but are unfamiliar with the water. There will be members on the trip to introduce them to the water and fishing locations.  You should be able to manage your leader and tippet and tie on flies.  You should also be able to cast  at least 30 feet.
Level 3 Trip requires that fly fishers have experience and reasonable knowledge of fly fishing but are unfamiliar with the water.  You should also expect the possibility of difficult wading where a wading staff is highly recommended, if not necessary, to move around the steam safely.It is highly recommended that members new to the water or the particular type of fishing (such as Steelhead) hire a guide which will be recommended by the trip leader.
Level 4 Trip for experienced members that have previous knowledge of the trip or that require specific equipment (Such as but not limited to water craft, camping gear, Equipment). Not a beginner trip.

If you are interested in any of our trips, please contact the trip coordinator or sign up right on our website. The coordinator takes the guesswork out of where and how to fish these areas so you can focus on fishing.

*** For insurance purposes, participants in club trips must be members of Derby City Fly Fishers and have a signed Liability Waiver on file ***