Our historic library of fly pictures and their recipes did not translate well from the old website.  If you have original word or adobe (.pdf) files with the pictures and recipe, please send to Wes and he will get them into this database.

Articulated Stonefly

Bitch Creek Nymph

Black and Bluegill

Black Marabou Jig Fly

Buck Tail Clouser

Bumble Bee

Burlap Salmon Fly

Cased Caddis

Chicago Fly

Christmas Bugger

Circus Peanut


Crackleback – Matt C.’s

Crystal Bullet

Deer Hair Mouse


Easy Adams

Easy “Murditch Minnow”

Egg Sucking Leach

Elk Hair Caddis

Emerald Shinner Clouser

Emergent Sparke Pupa

Floating Mylar Minnow

Foam Back Humpie

Foam Beetle

Gerry’s “Grande”

Girdle Bug

Gold and Red Soft Hackle Jig Fly

Green Butt Skunk

Green Ice Jig Fly

Grim Reaper

“GT” Foam Fly

Half N Half

Hare’s Ear Nymph

Hook Point Up (HPU) Minnow

Horizontal Clouser (for float & fly rig)

House Fly

Howard’s White Fly

Ice Dub Nymphs

Jack’s Minnow

Jack’s Suspending Clouser

Jig Hook Egg – Tricolor

Killer Bee Foam Fly

Kreelex Minnow

Lightning Bug Nymph

Max-Ex Hopper

Mixed Media

Montana Stone Fly – 2019 Mystery Fly

Orange and Hen

Partridge and Orange Soft Hackle

Peacock and Partridge

Pheasant Tail Nymph


Prince Nymph

Red Fox Squirrel Nymph

Rolling Stonefly

San Juan Worm

Simple Shad

Spider Popper

Stealth Bomber


Tellico Nymph

Trailer Trash

Translucent “Nuke Egg”

Translucent Crane Fly Larva

Vinyl Rib (Blood) Midge

Washington Fly

Wooly Bugger

Wounded Shad